Design Build Construction Proces

At Contractors Trinidad, Ltd. in San Fernando,T&T, we handled and managed the entire project from start to finish. Our entire process is aligned with the requirements that financial institutions have to “mark their boxes. Our goal is to ensure that every detail of your project runs smoothly. With over 25 years of experience, our team brings together the best construction professionals for the job.

Phase 1: Square foot analysis

During this phase, we guarantee the viability of your project. The square foot analysis generates a budget that you can take to the bank for prior approval. More importantly, this gives you and the bank an idea of how much the project will cost. This allows you to be confident that you can build the desired structure while remaining on the desired budget. The best part, this step is free! Before starting work, we answer two questions for you:

Is your site suitable for the desired structure?

Zoning regulations
Land use designation
Utility costs
Historical records
How much will your structure cost?

Detailed cost estimate per square meter
Land valuation costs
Assessment of future growth costs

Phase 2: The Design-Construction Contract

This step answers the question: Will this project evaluate? Your bank will ask for a set of quality evaluation drawings to ensure that the loan will pass. Hammers Construction, Inc., produces this set, which consists of a site plan, floor plan, and elevations of your building, without breaking the bank.

Your construction agreement will include:

Breakdown of Costs
Site plan
Floor plan

Phase 3: The Service Contract

When your project requires more detailed bidding and custom services, the service contract will provide the specific and accurate details, reports and numbers you need. We work with you to determine the services your unique project will need before we start the project. That way, we stay completely transparent and open with you and your project stays within your budget.

The next thing the bank will want is a set of license drawings and a construction contract. The service contract produces a set of drawings ready for full license, which includes all the engineering and produces a hard tender construction contract.

Your service contract may include:

Soil reports
Phase 1 requirements
Zoning requirements
Replanting sites
Report and drainage plan
Traffic studies
Final Landscape Plan
Complete set of construction specifications
Construction Contract

Phase 4: Complete project – Civil Construction

This is the phase we are all looking forward to! Put the shovel on the ground. This is the stretching of the house.

This is the phase we are all looking forward to! Put the shovel on the ground. This is the stretching of the house.

We keep you up to date with weekly progress reports, state-of-the-art drones, and deliver your project on time and with an experience that makes you want to build again. We are committed to quality control, and you can have the peace of mind to know that we have the whole project in our hands; you can continue to focus on helping your business thrive.