Trust your real estate investment

Urbanization involves the purchase of land, the decision of what they are to be used for, what features the building must have and the obtaining of permits and licenses, all before construction. At Hammers Construction, Inc. we are proud to offer land development services and land development consulting to those seeking to invest in real estate. We will inspect the land, provide you with a construction budget and make sure the project meets your needs, so you can rest easy when buying a property.


Services that can only be provided by experienced developers
Understanding local rules and regulations related to land development
A cost-effective way to obtain cost estimates for construction and development
Help with design and construction


The developer companies that work with us will receive it:

  • Estimated construction costs per square metre
  • Estimation of urbanization costs
  • assist in obtaining the necessary permits and authorisations from the authorities
  • Help with development design
  • Assistance in the construction of the project
  • Courteous opinion about the topography of the terrain and how it will affect the costs and design of the project.